"Rise like a phoenix"

Austrian Terroir Weekend
Auditorium and La Fayette reception rooms / Musical performance followed by tasting of 4 Austrian wines
Friday 16 December at 7pm


Start: 7pm
Duration: 1hr30


General public
Student rate €9.60 / Full rate

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From Friday 16 to Sunday 18 December 2016, La Cité du Vin will be sporting the colours of Austria for a weekend and is inviting you on the trip. In the run-up to Christmas, in a friendly and festive atmosphere, take off for a discovery of Austrian vineyards and their iconic wines!

Intimate tasting sessions with a duo of the Best Sommeliers in the World, a friendly wine match between France and Austria, musical performances, discovery conferences...there’ll be plenty of opportunities to discover and taste all the riches of Austrian winegrowing.

Our journey begins in the crazy years of rock and roll, a period when Austria was dominated by beer and cheap wine and dreamed of Italian and French wines. To the beat of popular songs from the 70s and 80s, Willi Klinger, Director of the Austrian Wine Marketing Board and showman, evokes his first experiences in the culinary cultures of Italy and France. In 1987, he embraced a new career in the world of wine, at the same time as Austrian wines were ʿrising like the phoenixʾ from their ashes. Accompanied on the piano, Willi Klinger tells the story of this renaissance, taking us from Austria to New York, via London and finally Bordeaux.

Musical performance followed by tasting of 4 Austrian wines


  • 2011 Schlumberger Sekt  DOM, Classic Traditional Method (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)
  • 2015 Johann Topf, Kamptal DAC, Grüner Veltliner Wechselberg             
  • 2011 Weingut Juliana Wieder, Mittelburgenland DAC Reserve
  • 2013 Weinlaubenhof Kracher, Burgenland, Trockenbeerenauslese No. 4, Welschriesling, Zwischen den Seen           

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