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01 > 03 December : A Week-end in Croatia

Published 14 November 2017

From Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd December, La Cité du Vin invites you to Croatia. Tastings, conferences, concerts and screenings, as many opportunities to discover the cultural riches of a wine region unique in the world.


Friday 1 December

7.30pm : 100% croatIAN

Food and wine tastings I Music

35 metres up, on the 8th floor of La Cité du Vin, the belvedere invites you to come and taste a selection of wines paired with a mosaic of Croatian food with a Mediterranean touch, prepared by two guest chefs, Sabina Jalsic and David Skoko, accompanied by the Trio Academico band.

Duration : 1hr15
Season tickets holders : €19.20 / Full rate €24
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Saturday 2 December

4pm : Discovering Croatian terroirs

Meeting / Film

  • 16h : Documentary film: Vina Croatia, Vina Mosaica (a Moj Vrt production)
  • 16h15 : Meeting with Dr. Mladen Boban

After the screening of a documentary film presenting the different landscapes and vineyards of Croatia, Professor Mladen Boban will presenthis latest research on wine and health.

Duration : 1hr30
Free, tickets available on site or on line

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6pm : Croatia: a diversity of native varieties

Commented tasting

With Barbara Bacic, founder of Les robes de l’Est

Croatia is a tiny country and a young independent state since 1991, but is an ancient wine-growing land. Vine has been grown here since Ancient Greek times.  Between wars and phylloxera, its vineyards have lived through many trials and tribulations down through the centuries, but the tradition of wine has always been kept alive.  Today, the vineyards of Croatia, in full revival, cover a surface area just over 30,000ha. They are divided into two major areas: the coastal vineyards with Istria, the Dalmatian coast and its islands, influenced by a Mediterranean climate; and the north-east regions on the borders of Hungary, with a continental climate.  The north-eastern regions produce white wines, while the south produces both red and white. The dominant grapes varieties are Graśevina, Malvoisie and red Plavač mali, which is used to produce sweet wines.  Wine production is divided among tiny family estates, the legacy of communist Yugoslavia, which limited property ownership to 10ha.

Duration : 1hr15
Full rate : €12 / Season tickets holders: €9.60

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7.30pm : Trio Academico band

Show / Tasting

This concert followed by a tasting of a glass of Croatian wine offers a set of traditional songs revisited by the famous Croatian Trio Academico band.

  • Vedran Mikić, violin
  • Tomislav Krvarić, accordion
  • Ambrozije Puškarić, guitar

The Academico Group, composed by Vedran Mikić on the violin, Tomislav Krvarić on the accordion and Ambrozije Puškarić on the guitar, has destroyed many stereotypes, so these top musicians will be able to play old-town songs or some well-known pop-hit. - Classical music is strictly separated from other forms, and we want to get closer with its play. That's why our repertoire is wide. There has been a tambourine inflation lately. We bring something else, something that reminds us archaic. So we play a string of old-fashioned songs, but we also have the opus of evergreens from classics, romance and the 20th century.

Duration : 1 hour
Full rate : €12 / Season tickets holders: €9.60

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Sunday 3 December

5pm : Dégustation privilège de vins croates

This workshop offers a tasting of 5 premium Croatian wines with Barbara Bacic, founder of "The Dresses of the East", who gives us an oenocultural history between land and sea, made of encounters, travels and passions.

Duration : 1hr15
Full rate : €30 / Season tickets holders €24.00

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