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6 > 8 October: A weekend in Canada!

Published 08 September 2017

From Friday 6 to Sunday 8 October, La Cité du Vin invites you to travel to Canada for a weekend. Tastings, conference, concert, screening and audiovisual performance will provide the opportunity to discover the cultural riches of a unique wine-producing region.

Canadian vineyards

With winter temperatures easily dropping to -15°C, Canada might not seem like the most suitable country for growing grapes. However, this harsh climate has not discouraged Canadian winemakers, who have made Canada the top producer of ice wines.

Canada is home to 12,150 hectares of vineyards, in 4 different geographical areas. Most of the production is concentrated in the regions of Ontario and British Columbia, where the climate is milder. Canada is primarily known for its ice wines, made from naturally-frozen grapes, but the country also produces red, white and sparkling wines, mostly using French and German grape varieties.

The Canadian market is moving from strength to strength, encouraging many local producers to expand their vineyards towards more northern terroirs, a conquest which should be helped along by global warming...

On the programme

Friday 6 October

7pm: Exceptional ice wine tasting

Tasting & Masterclass
Discovery workshop
Full rate: €35.00 - Season ticket holders: €28.00
Duration: 1 hour

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Saturday 7 October

4.30pm: Discovering Canadian vineyards

Screening - Meeting
Free, ticket available on site, entry subject to availability
Duration: 2hrs

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6.30pm:  Canada, a land of Great Wines

Commented tasting
Reception rooms
Full rate: €12.00 - Season ticket holders: €9.60
Duration: 1 hour

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8.30pm: Tribute to Glenn Gould

Full rate: €25.00 - Season ticket holders: €20.00
Duration: 1hr15min

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Sunday 8 October

3.30pm and 5.30pm:

Audiovisual performance & tasting
Auditorium & reception rooms
Full rate: €8.00 - Season ticket holders: €6.40
Duration: 25 minutes

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