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Via Sensoria, a Sensory tasting journey

Via Sensoria is a relaxing experience, a sensory interlude in which 4 immersive and dreamlike spaces mirror 4 surprising tastings of world wine or non-alcoholic beverages, combined with visual, sound and poetic creations.

This is not a tasting workshop, nor a traditional exhibition or an immersive exhibition. It is a unique sensory experience!

The visit takes place over an hour, accompanied by an animator-sommelier.

From complete novices to wine-lovers and true connoisseurs, adults or children, there is something for everyone in this experience which takes visitors off the traditional wine-tasting track to offer fascinating pairings between artistic atmospheres and a selection of wines from around the world and alcohol-free beverages.

Six original poems, specially created for this experience, also punctuate the route, to complete this dreamlike work.

The first edition of Via Sensoria, As the seasons pass, take visitors on an immersion in nature. From sunrise to sunset, we experience a spring, summer, autumn and winter day from a new perspective.

Practical information

You must choose a day and time for your visit when purchasing your ticket. Booking opens one month in advance.

The ticket includes:

  • a unique ambulatory experience blending visual and sound creations and tasting
  • 4 world wines or non-alcoholic beverages to taste along the way, depending on your mood and your age!

You can taste :
- In the spring pavilion, a dry white wine from a Sauvignon Blanc from the Bordeaux region or an elderflower syrup
- In the summer pavilion, a white wine from Greece or an iced tea with lemon and thyme
- In the autumn pavilion, a red wine from Rioja (Spain's best known and oldest vineyard) or a pear juice
- In the winter pavilion, a crémant from Alsace or a caramel syrup.

You will be guided by a sommelier, in a group of no more than 15 people.

Wine tasting reserved for persons over 18 years, alcohol-free tasting for visitors under 18.

Free tickets for children under 6, available from the Cité du Vin ticket office.

The visit of Via Sensoria is different from and complementary to the visit to the Permanent Exhibition and requires a dedicated ticket.

If you wish to visit the Belvedere, you need to book a ticket for the Permanent Exhibition (which includes a glass of wine at the Belvedere).

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Created by GEDEON Programmes for the Cité du Vin, with the artistic assistance of set designers Sylvain Roca and Julia Dessirier (Atelier Sylvain Roca), director Olivier Brunet, composer Christian Holl, poet Nami Moukheiber, and the design studios Sabir (graphic design) and Aura Studio (lighting design).