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From your own home, visit the “Drinking With The Gods” exhibition and trace the development of the role played by wine in Greek and Roman civilisations. As well as being the nectar of the gods, wine was also drunk at banquets by men wishing to draw closer to the divine. One of them, Dionysus, was the child of Zeus and a mortal woman. He was a wandering god who discovered the vine and taught men the art of extracting wine from it.

Explore the mythology surrounding wine and its ritual consumption during ancient festivals and banquets through some fifty or so ancient works, including exceptional loans from the Louvre and the National Archaeological Museum in Athens, as well as three monumental works by street artists and tales from mythology related by slam artist Maras.

From a computer, tablet or smartphone, explore the exhibition at your own pace and discover the wealth of content including labels of the works, the video of an interview with the exhibition curator and contemporary artists and slams to listen to.

After purchasing your ticket online you will receive a personal link to the virtual tour. This link is active for 7 days.

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