From its height of 35 metres on the eighth floor of La Cité du Vin, the Belvedere – the culmination of a visit to the Permanent exhibition – invites visitors to discover the Gironde city from another perspective, like a watchtower. In this spot overlooking the river at the top of the iconic building you can admire Bordeaux, its city and surroundings, spreading out around you from all sides.

Inviting visitors to contemplate, this unique panoramic view establishes natural continuity between a visit to the Permanent exhibition and the culmination of this cultural experience: tasting a glass of wine from the very best wine regions of the world.

In partnership with inter-professional organisations in various wine regions across the world, you will have an opportunity to taste a wine from a regularly updated selection of twenty bottles.

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In this exceptional space, a monumental chandelier made of thousands of bottles and a 10-metre-long oak counter enhance the uniqueness of the location. With its Belvedere, La Cité du Vin is symbolically asserting its role as a beacon and a window opening out onto the region, and farther to the entire world.

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