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"Carte blanche for Isabelle Rozenbaum"

Published 10 February 2016

To mark its opening, La Cité du Vin is giving carte blanche to the artist and photographer Isabelle Rozenbaum who has been following the project since the start. She will present her viewpoint on the construction adventure in 80 photographic prints. Her striking photographs, works of great artistic beauty, pay tribute to the men and women who built this site and reveal their strength and the hardship over these 36 months of construction.
From the bare land to the first drillings, from the design plans to their on-site execution, Isabelle Rozenbaum has sensitively captured each stage in the meticulous work of the men working on construction of the building. In contrast to the sleek images which sometimes overemphasize the glory of the architecture, the work of Isabelle Rozenbaum reveals a world of sweat, dizzy heights, noise and fury which will not fail to move you.
Come along on 1st June to see this exhibition on display until January 2017.