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16 Nov 2020

Wine reflects both the place where it is produced and the expertise of the winemakers who produce it. This dialogue between nature and humankind is what we call the ‘terroir effect’.

Discover what gives this terroir its identity through five testimonials from winemakers from the Barossa region:

Barossa, Australia: a land of migrants

The Barossa Valley north of Adelaide is one of the flagship areas of South Australia, where major Australian operators with sourcing from multiple regions stand alongside small family wineries. It is a very dry and sunny area famed for its red wines, and one of the spiritual homes of ‘Shiraz’ (Syrah). It is also an ‘old’ winegrowing region in Australian terms, characterised by having been settled by migrants originally from Silesia (sometimes giving it a rather German appearance) and by the presence of pre-phylloxera vines, considered precious heritage and the subject of a vast conservation programme. Its precise landscape reflects the path of colonisation across vast tracts of cultivable land.

Terroir - Barossa