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16 Nov 2020

Wine reflects both the place where it is produced and the expertise of the winemakers who produce it. This dialogue between nature and humankind is what we call the ‘terroir effect’.

Discover what gives this terroir its identity through five testimonials from winemakers from the Bordeaux region:

Bordeaux: the art of blending

Bordeaux is the biggest fine wine region in the world, and is divided into large subregions with very varied environmental characteristics. The diversity of terroirs can be interpreted on the scale of this vast region as a whole, but also on that of the individual estates practising the art of blending: wines made from different grape varieties planted in different plots are combined to get just the right blend for the wine that is put on sale, crafting richer, higher quality products. Bordeaux is the spiritual home of blended Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot reds, dry whites, and sweet whites made by blending Sauvignon and Semillon.

    Terroir - Bordeaux