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16 Nov 2020

Wine reflects both the place where it is produced and the expertise of the winemakers who produce it. This dialogue between nature and humankind is what we call the ‘terroir effect’.

Discover what gives this terroir its identity through five testimonials from winemakers from the Malborough region:

Marlborough, New Zealand: freedom and excess

New Zealand is a new country when it comes to winemaking: vine-growing only took off here around thirty years ago. Large expanses well-suited to winegrowing and fewer regulatory constraints than in Europe have resulted in immense vineyards being created in this land of freedom. The Marlborough region is the largest wine region in the country, and the most dynamic. It is Marlborough's Sauvignons that propelled New Zealand onto the global stage in the 1980s. Notably, New Zealand is very advanced when it comes to ‘sustainable’ winegrowing.

Terroir - Marlborough