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16 Nov 2020

Wine reflects both the place where it is produced and the expertise of the winemakers who produce it. This dialogue between nature and humankind is what we call the ‘terroir effect’.

Discover what gives this terroir its identity through five testimonials from winemakers from the Mosel region:

Mosel Valley, Germany: fighting for the sun

The extremely steep vineyards running alongside the Mosel river in Germany produce some of the world’s most famous white wines. In this region, which is very northerly for cultivating vines, only the sites with the best aspects and impressive slopes are able to ripen grapes: sundials set amongst the vines offer a reminder of the region’s stubborn pursuit of sunlight. In the Mosel Valley, some vineyards are so steep that the vines have to be worked using machines pulled by winch systems, almost like ski lifts. The region is famous for its Riesling wines, in particular its fine sweet examples.

    Terroir - Mosel