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[SOLD OUT] It’s all going on beneath the vines!

Les Vendanges du Savoir
CONFERENCE / Les Vendanges du Savoir
Tuesday 18 February 2020 at 7pm


Start : 7pm
Duration : 1h30


General public
Ticket available on site or online
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Les Vendanges du Savoir’ is a series of events showcasing researchers who report on their work on vine and wine related subjects and discuss it with the general public.


During this conference, you will learn the extent to which soils form the backbone of our food production and also serve as a carbon sink able to help mitigate climate change.


With: Battle Karimi, Postdoctoral Researcher at l’Institut national de la recherche agronomique of Dijon

In partnership with: the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux-Montaigne University   

With the support of: Crédit Municipal, the Baron Philippe de Rothschild company and Bordeaux University Foundation