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Aux armes vignerons

Winemakers, to arms!

Les Vendanges du Savoir
SCREENING / ENCOUNTER / Les Vendanges du Savoir
Tuesday 21st January at 7 pm


Start: 7pm
Duration: 2hr30


General public
Ticket available on site or online

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‘Les Vendanges du Savoir’ is a series of events showcasing researchers who report on their work on vine and wine related subjects and discuss it with the general public.


During this evening, you will attend a screening of the film La Guerre du Vin (‘The Wine War’, Sébastien Le Corre, 2016) followed by a discussion with numerous speakers looking at the thorny question of wine as an economic, social and political element in social upheaval.

In partnership with: Institut des Sciences de la Vigne et du Vin, l’université de Bordeaux et l’université Bordeaux Montaigne

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