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Atelier famille en langage facile

Family workshop version easy to understand

Parents - children aged from 6 ans
/ Family workshop
Saturday 2th november 2019 at 4.30


Start: 4.30 pm
Duration: 1hr


Price for 1 adult + 1 child

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Tasting – a codified activity open only to enlightened connoisseurs? Not at all.

Young and old can enjoy learning about the subtleties of taste with an original tasting session which will awaken all your senses. Touch, aroma and taste experiences will help you understand the origins of taste and the factors affecting how we perceive food. Tasting will no longer hold any secrets for you!

No alcohol is required for families to enjoy this activity without moderation, so don’t hold back!

NB: €9.00 per additional adult or child

An adapted version of the workshop, easy to understand.

To ensure an optimal experience, the workshop will begin on time and latecomers will not be accepted