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Qui a lu…boira : la fiction du vin au XIXème siècle

Wine in 19th-Century Fiction

A Harvest of Knowledge
Auditorium and online
Tuesday 2nd March at 7pm


Start : 7pm
Duration : 1hr30


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For this year’s third episode of A Harvest of Knowledge, we will explore the position occupied by wine in the literature of the 19th century.

19th-century literature is literally set at the table: scenes of group meals, business dinners, receptions and celebrations. These moments of sociability also reflect political and ethical issues. References to wine – a true marker of social status – speak volumes about the habits, tastes, and shortcomings of society, and in return give literature a narrative fabric, discourse opportunities, and a particular imagery that will be examined through various different works.

With: Béatrice Laville, Professor of Literature at Bordeaux-Montaigne University

Béatrice Laville

Béatrice Laville est professeur de littérature française à l'université Bordeaux Montaigne. Ses recherches portent sur le second XIXème siècle et notamment sur la question des rapports entre la fiction et l'histoire, sur la question de l'engagement et sur le roman à thèse. Elle a publié diverses études sur Zola, les Goncourt, Darien, Barrès etc...

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