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Le vin en équilibre sur les papilles

Wine Balance on the Palate

A Harvest of Knowledge
Tuesday 2nd February 2021 at 7pm


Start : 7pm
Duration : 1hr30


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For this new episode of A Harvest of Knowledge, we take a look at the flavours of wine. With Axel Marchal, a Doctor of Oenology, we tackle the mechanisms by which we perceive taste, the origins of wine flavours, and the factors that can affect them.

The fact that the flavours of wine entice consumers, inspire emotion, enliven meals and feed debate between enthusiasts is first and foremost due to their diversity and originality. Fine wines therefore reflect their geographic origins, the grape variety from which they are made, and the expertise required to produce them, all with subtlety and delicacy. The aim of oenology is to help winemakers guide the process of transforming grapes into wine, intervening as little (and as wisely) as possible, to craft wines that reveal the brilliance of the terroir without artifice or trappings. Molecules are the vectors that carry this message. Although the science of oenology has allowed us to identify numerous volatile compounds that affect wine aromas, the molecular basis of these flavours mostly remains a mystery. However, the subtle balance between the different flavours determines the quality of the wine and competes for the taster’s attentions.

With: Axel Marchal, lecturer in oenology at the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences

In partnership with: the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux-Montaigne University

With the support of: the Baron Philippe de Rothschild company and the Bordeaux University Foundation

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