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Le vin dans l'oeuvre de Michel Houellebecq

Wine in Michel Houellebecq's work

Les Vendanges du Savoir
CONFERENCE / AUDITORIUM / Les Vendanges du Savoir
Tuesday 5th november 2019 at 7 pm


Start: 7 pm
Duration: 1hr30


Tout public
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'Les Vendanges du Savoir’ is a series of events showcasing researchers who report on their work on vine and wine related subjects and discuss it with the general public.                                                                                                           

  During this ‘Les Vendanges du Savoir’ conference, Jacqueline Dutton will present a portrait of the enfant terrible of contemporary literature: Michel Houellebecq and representations of wine in his French-language work. She will track the development of the role played by wine across his seven novels from Extension du domaine de la lutte (1994) to Sérotonine (2019), presenting wine as a symbolic marker of French identity and a global consumer product.


  • Jacqueline Dutton, Associate Professor at the University of Melbourne, Australia

In partnership with: the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences, the University of Bordeaux and Bordeaux-Montaigne University    
With the Support of: Crédit Municipal, the Baron Philippe de Rothschild company and Bordeaux University Foundation

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