Despite appearances, the Cité du Vin is also suited to visitors with children! Whether you opt for the Permanent exhibition or a family workshop, your children will experiment with their senses and learn lots of new things!

Above and beyond a drink which is of course off-limits to children, wine has cultural and universal dimensions which are highlighted: traditions, legends, the expertise of women and men, links between global civilisations across the centuries, the inspiration of artists through the ages... An intangible heritage with many faces that invite you to journey through space and time!


  • Although reading is essential for many of the experiences, under 7s can still smell, look and just enjoy a unique adventure!
  • For 7 to 12 year-olds, the ‘Children’s Tour’ will guide them through the themed areas and offer a fun experience just for them. They will discover the cultures and civilisations of wine in a fun way!
  • Children over 12 can follow the tour at their own pace, depending on their interests!

The visit companion, a truly innovative tool, will accompany you throughout your visit and incorporate interactive, visual and immersive content which can be explored at a variety of speeds. It offers a specific tour for children aged 8 or over, including fun programmes for some areas.

Download the track

parcours permanent enfant parcours permanent enfant