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"Les Vendanges du Savoir" inaugural evening 2018





To inaugurate this third cultural season, the Harvest of Knowledge steering committee presents its new season 2018-2019: through words, from wine of the past to wine of the future...

With actors Anne ALVARO and François MARTHOURET


The Harvest of Knowledge season brings together various types of events with a view to transmitting a broad range of scientific culture around issues of the vine and wine: a conference on the first Tuesday of the month, expert tastings, meetings around a film or publication, a Vineyard Day, etc.


This cultural action is supported by the Fondation pour la Culture et les Civilisations du Vin, Bordeaux University and Bordeaux Montaigne University, under the initiative of the Institute of Vine and Wine Science (ISVV).


The Harvest of Knowledge events open the doors to all the latest research on vine and wine.

-To provide a wide audience with the opportunity to meet researchers from all fields

-To showcase scientific research in vine and wine

-To clarify and accompany changes in the wine-producing sector

-To bridge the gap between fields of expertise


In partnership with Bordeaux University, the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences and Bordeaux Montaigne University.

With the support of Crédit Agricole Aquitaine, the company Baron Philippe de Rothschild and the Bordeaux University Foundation. 

In association with L’Association Textes et Voix, a non-profit organisation.


The video is available in french only.