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Media Pack – Cultural Offer

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All our cultural activities are described: Permanent Tour, Belvedere, Tasting workshops, Guided tours and temporary exhibitions.

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The Building

The Cité du Vin is a cultural center of international recognition. Its impressive architecture and its spaces make it an emblem of modernity, providing a different view of wine, across the world, across the ages, across all cultures and civilizations.

©Mamie Boude-XTU architects


The Permanent Exhibition

In this space of more than 3000sq meters, explore the history, the arts, the techniques and the wine’s civilizations through an immersive and sensory journey and discover the vineyards of the world. 19 themed spaces invite you to take a voyage of discovery and enjoy a unique experience exploring the many and varied facets of wine across time and space.

©Mamie Boude-XTU architects- Casson Mann


Temporary Exhibition – Argentina, Lands of contrasts

(included in the ticket of the Permanent Exhibition)

You will be invited on a journey across Argentina’s six main wine regions. Thanks to digital and immersive displays, this exhibition offers a sensory and participative experience of Argentina’s nature in all its spectacular diversity. At each stage of this adventure, each of the six regions will relate the story of their wines, their gastronomy and their culture.

©Cité du Vin


The Belvedere

The highest point of La Cité du Vin and a highlight of the visit, the Belvedere offers a magnificent 360° view of Bordeaux, the Garonne and the facades of the quays, classified UNESCO world heritage. This unique panoramic view establishes a natural continuity between a visit to the Permanent exhibition and the culmination of this cultural experience: tasting a glass of wine from the best wine regions of the world.

©ANAKA/XTU architects /Cité du Vin


Wine Tasting Workshops (1 hour)

A privileged and convivial moment, the workshops always propose an entertaining and cultural approach.

Multy-sensory workshop
Enjoy a unique tasting experience. Seated comfortably in an immersive space (360° images, lights, sounds and smells), embark on a journey to the heart of the world’s markets and experiment with pairings between virtual food and real wines.

Discovery Workshop
This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to understand the role that our senses play in wine tasting. We propose a step by step experience to help participants perceive how each individual sense influences the way we taste wine. Animated by a mediator, this workshop makes understanding wine tasting accessible to all.

Bordeaux Workshop
This workshop proposes the discovery of the Bordeaux wine region, its history and identity. During this activity, participants will be given an overview of the history, geography, climate and singularities of this famous area. Each vineyard’s reputation is built on a style, terroirs, grape varieties, expertise and methods developed by men and women over the course of centuries.

Wines and chocolates of the world Workshop
A workshop designed for and by gourmet food lovers curious about combining two cultural and gustatory worlds: wine and chocolate. With 3 very different pairings of wines and chocolates, we will explore the interactions of textures, smells and learn to taste these 2 products with amazing similarities.

Wine Tasting room 1 – Capacity: 50 seats

©ANAKA/XTU architects/Cité du Vin

Wine Tasting room 2 – Capacity: 44 seats

©ANAKA/XTU architects/Cité du Vin

Wine Tasting room 3 – Capacity: 15 seats

©ANAKA/XTU architects/Cité du Vin


Guided visits (1 hour)

Guided Tour of the building
During this guided tour, retrace the story and conception of a unique project. Our cultural mediators will give you the keys to better understand this building by showing you the main areas and telling you how the idea of La Cité du Vin became a reality, how he project was financed, and how La Cité du Vin became the architectural and cultural icon it is today.

The Essential
This tour, guided by one of our cultural mediators, gives visitors the opportunity to discover La Cité du Vin from different angles. The visit tells the story of our building and the Foundation for the Cultures and Civilizations of Wine. Visitors will be guided through different parts of La Cité, including the Auditorium, the workshop rooms, the gardens and main public areas; it passes through the Permanente Tour to give them an overview of the heart of our building and it will end with a wine tasting at the Belvedere with the view of Bordeaux.

Architectural Tour
Created by the XTU architecture firm, La Cité du Vin is an exceptional building with a modern architecture and symbolism. This tour presented by one of our cultural mediators will reveal the key points of the construction, materials used, unique technical aspects of its conception and the choice of location in this emblematic area of Bordeaux.

©ANAKA/XTU architects/Cité du Vin



This video provides an overview of the spaces and cultural activities proposed at La Cité du Vin.