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Bellot is an SME and has been a player in the wine sector since 1956. During our 60th anniversary evening held at La Cité du Vin in October 2016, we realised that we had to contribute, in our way, to the history of Bordeaux being written in this new venue.

We had long felt that Bordeaux was lacking a place which linked the city to its history and its main activity, vines and wine. That place now exists and could not be more fitting. Architecturally, first of all, with its strong statement and deliberately bold yet smooth lines, just like our beautiful city of Bordeaux. The venue opens onto both the Garonne and a flourishing district. It is bright and luminous, like Bordeaux today. Culturally, secondly, through a rich, varied and contemporary programme, open to a wide audience; a thought-provoking offer which incites the visitor to action.

We have always believed that in addition to being a place of work, a company is a place for living and sharing. A company has to participate in the life of its city and can (and must) play a social role which reaches beyond its economic role.

This is, in a way, what we are doing through this patronage, we are giving back a part of what the community has given us.

For our first patronage action, we decided to support the temporary exhibition Bistro! From Baudelaire to Picasso.  Wine embodies sharing, friendship and exchange, as does the bistro which is often central to social ties in our villages. We were also won over by the bold choice of the scientific committee and the opportunity to see certain works of art come to Bordeaux for the first time. We were proud to have our company logo associated with this wonderful exhibition, which corresponded perfectly to our values of conviviality.

Our role as a patron is the expression of a desire to share, discover cultures and contribute to the cultural life of our beautiful city of Bordeaux.

We are proud and delighted to be a part of this great adventure alongside the teams of La Cité du Vin.

Laurent Karrasch

CEO- Bellot