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Where can you picnic in Bordeaux? In the gardens of La Cité du Vin!

Published 11 July 2018

The picnic, that bucolic outdoor meal that combines two fundamental elements, good food and a garden worthy of the name. Wondering about where to spread your plaid picnic rug this summer?  Here’s a hot tip for one of the best little-known picnic spots in Bordeaux, just a short walk from the quays: the gardens of La Cité du Vin!

The charm of a wild garden, listed Natura 2000

A sunny day is always a great time to have a picnic with friends or family. You just need to choose the place and the food.  There is a place you probably didn’t know existed. A place which cleverly combines green surroundings with an urban environment: the gardens of La Cité du Vin. Free and open to all (during the opening hours of La Cité du Vin), the gardens of La Cité du Vin are an ideal place for a relaxing picnic. 

Several criteria naturally guided the landscape design of  La Cité du Vin towards a ‘wild garden’: its location in a Natura 2000-listed area, the idea of the XTU architectural agency to integrate the building into a harmonious ensemble and the inspiration of the wild origins of vine-growing. The building was therefore integrated in the wetlands environment which is characteristic of the Garonne, with a view to restoring the landscape to the river.  ‘A riverside ecosystem to cool down the direct surroundings of the building’ was thus recreated.  This indigenous garden symbolises more the landscape of the Garonne than that of wine.

How to get there: Once you have passed through the security checks at the entrance of the building (obligatory anti-terrorism measures), cross the hall and exit directly by the Garonne entrance.  You have arrived! You can also turn right just after the security checkpoint and walk past the windows of La Boutique and Brasserie Latitude20. 

For even more adventure, you can arrive by boat with Bat3! The vision of the building from the River Garonne is even more spectacular.

What to bring in your picnic basket

The last essential ingredient for a successful picnic: the food.  There is no need to spend hours cooking or preparing sandwiches, you’ll find everything you need at La Cité du Vin or nearby.  Try a gourmet snack from Latitude20, on the ground floor of the building, or shop at the Halles de Bacalan market, just across the street.  Pastries, cured meats or vegetarian dishes, there’s something for every taste!

Now that you know where to relax on these sunny days, treat yourself to the lazy pleasure of a riverside breeze!