Wine culture workshops

Due to the health context, these activities are likely to be temporarily deprogrammed.

The workshops are organised in circular rooms that encourage discussion and exchange. Everything is round at the Cité du Vin ! The wines tasted come from different wine-growing regions that are partners with the Cité du Vin.


Every Thursday, from 6.30 pm, the Cité du Vin offers two sessions of workshops to continue the discovery of the world of wine around new themes.

On the programme: food from New Aquitaine meets wines from France and elsewhere during gourmet workshops, single grape variety are given a spotlight or a wine region is honoured in the Wines of the World.


Discovery workshop

Gain confidence in your tasting ability !

Have you always wanted to participate in a wine tasting session but never dared to do so? This new kind of introductory wine tasting workshop is for you! Forget all your preconceived ideas about wine tasting, its codes, its customs, but also its obstacles and barriers. Reset all your preconceptions and trust only yourself: you have 5 senses, so you know how to taste!

During this one-hour wine tasting workshop, you will taste three wines by successively calling upon each of the senses required for wine tasting: sight, smell and taste.

atelier decouverte

Bordeaux workshop

Focus on the Bordeaux vineyard: its terroir, its grape varieties and its know-how.

Come and discover the Bordeaux vineyard, one of the most famous in the world, in all simplicity. Behind its image and fame, it is the characteristics of the soils, the climatic conditions and the work of men in a historical context that have shaped the landscapes and made the Bordeaux vineyard what it is today.

This wine culture workshop is accessible to both novices and amateurs wishing to (re)discover the Bordeaux vineyards from a different angle. Three wines will be offered for tasting, giving an insight into the many facets of Bordeaux wines.

atelier bordeaux

Our workshops give rise to wine tastings of all kinds. From the discovery of taste to that of a specific terroir, there is something for everyone and for every taste!

Quote from KARINE MARCHADOUR - Responsable de la médiation culturelle